Welcome to our directory of German learning resources!

We have 15 resources and apps available learning German. These resources can be used by students or teachers. Our German apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Alphabetize" or "Word Count" apps) to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators which are all completely customizable. Some of these resources will be useful for native German speakers (for example the "Convert to Unicode"). All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers and are super user friendly

The apps are divided into three main categories:  Using German Online, which will help German speakers use German online; Learning German, which are resources for learners to self-teach German; and Teaching German, which are free resources to teach different skills in German, as well as a wide range of ability levels.

Learning German:

These resources will help you learn German, whether you're a beginner or more advanced learner. You can use these to self-teach German, or simply organise and format your German text.

Alphabetize German Text This resource is useful for learners, teachers and native speakers who want to sort their German text alphabetically or reverse alphabetically. Formatting with remain the same where possible. Words beginning with umlauts will be sorted with the corresponding vowel (e.g. ü and u)

German Font As Image Show off your German skills and create an image to use on social media or as a web signature with this resource. This resource also lets you customize the font, color and size of your text.

Convert German Text into Uppercase, Lowercase, and Sentence Case Convert any German text into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. This is useful for native speakers as well as teachers and learners.

Count German Characters And Words This resource is great for students, teachers, writers and anyone who wants to keep track of their German wriitng. Check that you are within the word and character limit with this app.

Change German Text Orientation Use this resource to adjust the orientation of your German text, from left-to-right to right-to-left or top-to-bottom.

Using German online:

These resources are perfect for native or fluent German speakers who want to use German online. These converters work in an instant.

Convert German Text Into Unicode You can convert German text to Unicode with this converter. This will allow special characters such as ß or ü to be expressed correctly online, regardless of whether or not a browser has a German keyboard installed. You can also use this resource to convert Unicode into German.

Convert German TXT Files From Uppercase To Lowercase Convert the contents of any German .TXT file into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. This is useful for native speakers as well as teachers and learners.

Convert German Srt Files From Uppercase To Lowercase Upload any German .SRT subtitle file and convert it into UPPER CASE, lower case, Or Sentence Case, etc. This is useful for native speakers as well as teachers and learners.

Teaching German:

These free resources are perfect for German teachers, with lots of options and resources to choose from and include free German worksheets and printables. Different resources are designed to test knowledge of German vocabulary as well as German grammar and numbers. There are many ways that you can customize the worksheets to make sure that they fit the needs of your German lessons. Most of these worksheets have an option to print with or without answers.

German Word Search Creator Create a fun homework or end of lesson task with these wordsearches. Choose the vocabulary you want your student to find and this generator with fill the wordsearch with random letters. You can customize the font and grid size and even print off an answer key.

Create German Number Bingo Sheets Make learning German word numbers fun with this bingo sheet generator. As well as practicing numbers, these bingo sheets help promote listening and recognition skills. Choose the numbers that will appear with this worksheet creator.

Create German Random Number Bingo Sheets This worksheet generator works the same way as the previous resource, but with this one you can choose the range you want and worksheets will be generated with random numbers. Both bingo sheet generators are completely customizable and you can change the size of grid depending on learner level or for how long you want to play!

German Sentence Fill In The Gap Remove words from German sentences and test your students' knowledge of vocab. Select as many words as you want and they will appear in a separate box for students. 

German Sentences Create Blank Spaces Create blank spaces in a German text for a student to fill in their answer. The selected word will appear at the end of the sentence as a prompt in brackets. These worksheets are completely versatile because they have no right or wrong answer.

German Words Scramble Enter a German text and select the word or words you want scrambled. Sentences will remain in the same order. This is a great way to test a student's spelling.

Jumble Up German Sentences A great way to check a student's knowledge of sentence structure and grammar rules. Enter a sentence and this generator will jumble up all the words randomly for the student to put back in the correct order.

German is a wonderful language to learn. Helpfully, every word is pronounced exactly as it looks, with no silent letters. However, German use lots of compound words, where nouns are expressed together rather than in noun clusters. For example, glove factory becomes "Handschuhfabrik". This can also make German word numbers very long and very hard to grasp. Another tricky aspect of German to master is the sentence structure and the verb infinitives. However, this range of resources, worksheet generators and converters will make learning or teaching German easy. They are useful for German teachers, learners and speakers of all levels and abilities. These resources are really easy to use and will run on every modern browser. 

Our collection of resources for learning German online is constantly expanding. Check back often to see what new resources are available! Currently, we have no specific resources for German pronunciation or German speaking, but we are hopeful to add them soon. 


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