How to create worksheets with blank spaces for German learners?

This resource creates worksheets with blank spaces for German learners to fill in with their own answers, following a given example.

This is very helpful resource for German learners of all levels. It allows you to create worksheets based on texts that the learner is already familiar with, or that are particularly challenging for the learner. This way, you can focus on the words and phrases that the learner finds most difficult, and get extra practice with them.

To create worksheets, enter your sentence and then simply click on a word in the text that you want to create a worksheet for. The word will then appear in brackets, with a space for students to fill in their own answer. This worksheet is very versatile as it can be used for many different situations like German grammar, vocabulary as well as testing comprehension.

For customization, you can choose the font and the size of the text as well as the title for the worksheet. The worksheet you create will be ready to print.

Blank Space Examples

A simple example could be Ich _____ Hause gerne Musik (höre zu).

Another example could be: Ich mache gerne Sport which becomes Ich spiele gerne ____ (Sport).. The student would then be prompted to provide a sport, so a correct answer could be Ich spiele gerne Netzball (Sport).

A more advanced example might be: Ich höre gerne Musik which becomes Ich höre gerne ____ (Musik). The student can then fill in a type of music so it becomes Ich höre gerne klassische Musik (Musik).

An example of using this for grammar would be with pronouns. 
Ich rede gerne mit ihm which becomes Ich spreche gerne mit ________ (ihm) where the students need to replace the pronoun with a different pronoun. It's a very versatile resource as it is very open and does not have fixed answers. 


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