How to create randomised German bingo number sheets?

Create bingo sheets for German word numbers with randomised numbers from a range. This is a great way to test knowledge of German numbers.

First, choose the range for your numbers (e.g. between 3300 and 4000). Then, select one of the following grid sizes: 3x3 or 9 numbers, 4x4 or 16 numbers, or 5x5 or 25 numbers. Randomized numbers from the range you requested will then appear as German word numbers in the bingo sheet. If you would like to randomize the individual squares in which the numbers show up, please select “randomize number location on different sheets.” The same German word numbers will appear on each sheet, with or without the individual location randomization.

Your bingo sheets will be ready to print. You can choose how many sheets to create without answers and how many with answers. The sheets with answers will provide the digit selected as well as the German word number in parenthesis.

If you would like to choose the exact numbers you’d like to enter in one of our grids, we have another tool to do this. 


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