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How to type in German online?

If you want to learn German or type in German, our online German keyboard is a great resource. You can use it with any web browser and without the need for additional software or applications.

German has three letter-diacritic combinations using an umlaut and one ligature (ß (called Eszett (sz) or scharfes S, "sharp s") which are officially considered distinct letters of the alphabet. In 2017, the capital ß was declared a formal letter of the German alphabet. Is it wrong in German to write ss instead of ß? It is not wrong. While the letter ß became a standard letter in 2017, it has been used in German since the mid-1800s. That said, ss is mainly used when the ß character is unavailable. Using the ß character is the more correct way of writing in German.

Without these special combinations, your text will not read properly. Our keyboard allows you to type the special German letters and have your German text look perfect.

Special lowercase letters in German not present in English are: ä ö ü ß

Uppercase letters in German which are not present in English are: Ä Ö Ü ß

Our keyboard app allows you to type the Euro symbol (€)

To use our online German keyboard, you can either type your content and click on the German accent when you want to insert one. Alternatively, you can type your content and when you want an accent, type the code below so a' for ä, ss for ß etc.

We hope that our keyboard will help you type in German at roughly the same speed as your native language. If you want uppercase accents rather than lowercase, press the SHIFT button. There is also the option to change the size of the text that you type. To do this, choose the text size that is most comfortable for you by selecting the icon with "Ää". When you've finished typing your text in German, press the "copy" option at the bottom right and then paste it into your work or document.

This keyboard works in all browsers (whether Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or any others). If you want to learn more about the German language, we provide a plethora of educational resources on our website that can be useful.


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